Organic Farming with The Trivedi Effect’

With industrialization, the world has made a huge progress but at the same time has given rise to unhealthy lifestyle. Increase in toxin levels in the atmosphere, water and anything we implement our daily life has made us more prone to serious health concerns. It is important to do out bit to have a safer life. Organic farming is one such means to have a healthier life. It encourages growing of crops without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and any kind of chemical growth enhancer. It ensures the food we eat is safer and healthier. It discourages the use of chemical antibiotics and hormonal injections on livestock.

The main principles of organic farming are:
1. Preserving soil quality by protecting it from soil degradation, reducing pollution and promoting overall health
2. Optimization of biological conditions for maintenance of soil fertility
3. Maintaining biological diversity
4. Providing proper attention and care in order to promote good health and productivity of livestock
5. Preparing organic products and maintaining their quality for enhanced productivity

Organic farming utilizes methods like crop rotation and cover crop planting in order to maintain the quality of production. Organic residues are recycled back into the soil in order to provide nutrients to the crops. Only compost manure used as fertilizers, and no pesticide or insecticide is used. Organic farming is strictly against the concepts of genetic engineering and animal cloning.
Organic farming is opted by most farmers worldwide as it takes care of the environment and also provides them with a healthy environment to work with. Working with chemicals is not only harmful to the crops and consumers but also puts the farmers to risk of contracting fatal diseases. Consumers have also become aware of the fact that going organic is the best for them. They are more reasonable, budget-friendly and healthy. Neither the consumers nor the farmers go through any loss in this concept. In the year 2007, 60% of the consumers opted for organic products. This shows how popular organic products are getting.

The Trivedi Effect® is an innovative concept that can boost organic farming remarkably. It has been tried and tested on more than 40 varieties of crops and has shown an incredible amount of increase in the quantity and quality of the produce. The quality of the fruits, seeds and flowers also dramatically improved with the help of the Energy Transmissions by the Trivedi Effect®. The Trivedi Effect® encourages organic farming by not supporting the use of any insecticide, pesticide or chemical fertilizers. The Trivedi Effect® utilizes the concept of harnessing positive energy from one’s self and building a connection between other entities to promote the same. It works on improving overall quality life. The energy transmissions don’t bear any side-effect and has long-term positive effects. Go organic today with the Trivedi Effect®.

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