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Located in Pune, Symbiosis Institute of International Business has been training students in diverse sectors through its carefully detailed programs offering MBA in International Business, MBA in Agribusiness, and MBA in Energy. Through its innovative approach, holistic learning environment and a judicious blend of theory and practical; SIIB helps its students to develop domain expertise in their area of interest along with the needed global competencies. This is the core differentiating factor between programs offered by SIIB and the regular MBA in finance. Backed by an experience of 20 years in pursuing academic excellence; SIIB receives hundreds of applications every year from students across the country. The institute is high on the priority list of students wanting to specialize in niche areas like agribusiness, energy etc.
This year was no different. With the admissions for the new semester (2013-2015) being declared open; the institute has already received an overwhelming response from applicants all over the country. Currently the institute is gearing up to materialize the processes that will follow after SNAP scores being declared for bringing in the new batch. As part of its innovative approach to help students prepare for SNAP-2012, SIIB has also planned a special workshop.
Titled ‘Crack it with SIIB’, this workshop is the institute’s annual PR meet that will be conducted simultaneously across multiple cities. This year ‘Crack it with SIIB’ is going to be held on 18th November in seventeen cities all over India. The core purpose of this workshop is to provide students with insights into SNAP 2012 along with sharing strategies and tips to maximize their scores in the entrance test. Registrations for the workshop have already begun.
If you are an interested applicant and haven’t been able to register, don’t worry. Rush to the link mentioned below and get yourself registered at the earliest.
Crack it with SIIB will also include several seniors from the SIIB campus. The seniors will be from the various on-going programs at SIIB campus including MBA in International Business, MBA in Agriculture, and MBA in Energy. This makes it an excellent platform for applicants interested in SIIB to interact with the seniors and know more about the life and times at the institute. Seniors will also guide the students to choose the right type of program by helping them identify their area of interest from amongst the three programs offered at SIIB. In fact queries regarding the Symbiosis dual degree program offered as part of the MBA in International Business will also be cleared. There is also a special mock SNAP test scheduled as part of the workshop where students will be able to test their preparations for the real SNAP 2012.

So for those of you, who aim to become successful managers with global competencies, don’t forget to register for SIIB. Yes! Admissions 2013-2015 are now open. Last few days left. Rush to register yourself on the SIIB website. If you have any queries regarding the admissions 2013-2015 procedure at SIIB, post them on the link mentioned below.
We will be happy to assist you. Till then, all the best for SNAP 2012 !

Established twenty years ago, SIIB started as SIFT, one of the first institutes to offer an MBA in International Business. The MBA in International Business continues to remain SIIB’s flagship course even today. Currently the program covers foreign languages, trade management, forex, international policies, risks involved and several other issues that allow the students to broaden the perspectives and adapt their thinking capacities.

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