MBA in Agribusiness: The new age understanding of agriculture and business

Located in the scenic valley of Pune, the Symbiosis Institute of International Business is a premier management school that offers MBA programs in the domain of International Business, Energy & Environment and Agribusiness. Starting out as one of the first B schools in the country to offer an MBA in International Business, SIIB has grown fast to include other niche programs in it’s list of options. The MBA in Agribusiness is also one such program offered by SIIB. Covering subjects like rural marketing, importance of agriculture, latest technology that can be used to increase the output, managerial principles that can become the key drivers of growth and a lot more, the MBA in Agribusiness is a one of it’s kind program.

Need of the hour!

In spite of being an agrarian economy, India has not been able to leverage it’s standing in the domain of agriculture. The simple reason for this lack of growth is the inability to implement latest techniques, use knowledge, managerial theories, etc. Given this situation, the MBA in Agribusiness program by SIIB addresses this need perfectly. Using it’s holistic education approach, SIIB teaches it’s students to tap the vast potential of the agriculture industry in a systematic manner. This automatically enhances the overall output of the industry making it a win-win situation for the economy as well.

Better return on investment

When it comes to agribusiness, the program is relatively niche. Even when compared to the MBA in general management, the MBA in agribusiness is more in demand because the industry is growing at a fast pace. In simple terms, this implies that on completion of the program, the students stand a better opportunity of getting placements across some of the reputed companies of the country. Additionally, the Symbiosis tag on the resume also helps in getting better opportunities. After all, Symbiosis is one of the most reputed educational institutions in the country. Also, SIIB has it’s own placement cell that helps in generating excellent opportunities across categories.

About the program

The MBA in Agribusiness is a two year residential program which is conducted on the campus. Admissions to the program happen through the SNAP test. However, interested students will also have to register themselves on the SIIB website. On clearing the SNAP test, eligible students are invited for the next round of admissions which will happen on the campus. For the eligibility rules and other details, feel free to explore or simply get in touch with the admission cell on campus.

SIIB specializes in offering a holistic exposure to it’s students. This includes ample amount of classroom training as well as industry exposure so that the students are not left out. Also, this blend is extremely important in facilitating the transformation from a naïve student into a qualified professional when the students enter the corporate world on the completion of the two year program making SIIB a preferred choice for aspirants all over the country.

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