Master Degree In Agronomy Offers Plenty Of Job Prospects

If you are of a scientific bent of mind and have a lot of interest in agriculture then you could combine the two to get into the best possible career stream for you. However, you should start by getting the right education; a master degree in agronomy will definitely be of great use to you. There are many colleges in Dehradun offering degrees in agronomy and you will easily be able to find one that suits your needs.

There are many interesting and lucrative job opportunities available to you if you train to be an agronomist or crop scientist. Keep in mind that this field will always have lots of job prospects because of the increasing demand for high quality food crops.

An agronomist receives training in the development of high quality crops whilst also finding the optimum method to manage pests and weeds. He or she has to devise the best method of food production given the limitations of the land, climate, demand etc. There are also many laws concerning how food crops are grown. This field is extremely important in India because food security is a very important issue given that the population of the country is immense. As a result, there are many jobs available in the public and private sector in this field.

The Indian government and all state governments are big hirers of agronomists. There are government agriculture departments which provide all matter of assistance to farmers ranging from offering technical expertise for specific situations to devising programs for assistance. Government agriculture departments also organize training programs so that farmers can stay up to date with developments in the industry.

Since the food business is truly immense, it follows that the private sector also hires a lot of agronomists. Many companies in the food production or processing industries need crop scientists in order to maintain the quality of the food products being used to make the final product. In addition, you could also work as an agricultural business consultant.

A master degree in agronomy will also qualify you for a job as an educator, especially if you are not eager to work in a research laboratory or farm. There are many government and privately run colleges where you could apply for a job as a lecturer. One thing that you could be assured of as an agronomist is that your job will be fairly recession proof and also that you can expect a steadily increasing salary.

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