Massey Ferguson New 8700 Series Tractors and Recruitment

Farmers looking for a tractor to help them accomplish more each day needs look no farther than the 8700 Series. Featuring powerful AGCO POWER™ 8.4-liter diesel engines, hefty hydraulics, industry-leading CVT transmissions and a redesigned cab that raises the bar on comfort, these robust machines deliver supreme performance while maximizing operator comfort around the dairy or in the field.
With five models ranging from 270 to 370 maximum engines HP with 900 to 1,136 ft-lbs of torque, the 8700 Series allows farmers to match the optimal model to their operation.

Unparalleled power, strength and fuel economy
Hefty hydraulic capability
Smooth and intuitive transmission
Redesigned cab raises the bar for comfort

“The 8700 Series tractors deliver all the power and capability our customers demand with advanced features that boost fuel economy and enhance operator comfort for longer, more productive days in the field and these tractors are built with pride in Jackson, Minnesota, by a team committed to meet the quality demands and productivity needs of modern growers.” said by Conor Bergin, product marketing manager, High Horsepower Tractors.

Massey Ferguson Recruitment
In case of long-term unemployment, many people wishing to convert to another area to find work. Picardy, some sectors are more promising than others, according to the survey in 2013 on Requirements workforces (BMO) conducted by the job center. Head, sales, tourism and services, with 10,947 recruitment projects for the year, on home help jobs, cooks … Followed viticulture, agriculture or medico-social sector, followed by industry trades and construction.

Located in Beauvais since 1960, she figure heavyweight in terms of employment in the region with 2,650 employees across all business lines, plant Massey-Ferguson draws, not just executives. In March 2013, a new plan announced by the hiring department. At stake, 100 job vacancies on the site Beauvais I. And Human Resources Department, 1500 candidates. “Many people looking for work, especially among workers” says Xavier Arruego, director of communications at Massey-Ferguson. Of the 2,650 employees of the subsidiaries of the company, 450 are temporary or acting. A figure below the proportion of long-term contracts, 2,200 in total, thanks to a policy of tenure of employees at the expense of acting.

They are recruited and trained “daily “as Xavier Arruego by the company Supply Temporary attached to Massey-Ferguson. Wage policy focused on the long term, explained by the difficulty recruiters find the ideal candidate, is meant to keep long after his inauguration. “It is not always easy to find the profiles that interest us, especially for skilled positions”. One thing is certain: Progress or not, hunting CDI remains long and most importantly, never really finished. Massey-Ferguson hosted by reclassification, three former plant of PSA Aulnay, whose closure is scheduled for 2014.

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