Land Timeshare Relief Yields Improved Grazing Spots For Vermont

The Agriview newsletter explained an innovation of land timeshare relief, sent out semimonthly by the Vermont agency of agriculture profiled the Laplatte River Angus Farm. The Vermont agency of AG (Agriculture) published a report about a rotational grazing model in March of 2009 in order to provide timeshare relief to the land.

Originally started in 1971 by Jim Kleptz and his son Mark with a few head of cattle, the beef farm now averages between 250-300 mostly Angus cattle.

The business innovation happens on the near 600 acres that the cattle graze on. They use grazing lands that are leased or even donated by neighbors. The reasons for the inexpensive grazing cost are the benefits that landowners reap of having no land maintenance fees and land fertilization from the cow-produced nutrients. With the best business ideas resulting in win-win situations, the beef farm has grown significantly and grazing land has improved in quality.

The fields switch between grazing and haying which allows for year round productivity. To maintain such substantial results on the farm the grazing patterns go through a timeshare process that gives the land some relief when grazing has done its damage. According to the Vermont Agency of AG report that was sent out the rotation occurs based on grass, soil and cattle conditions.

With innovations such as this its no wonder why the demand for locally raised Vermont beef has grown by 40 percent each year. And the supply for local grass-fed beef has gone up by 20 to 30 percent in 2009.

“Vermont beef farms are growing in numbers. The demand for local, natural and organic beef is increasing over 40 percent per year, and consumers are willing to pay a premium for it,” notes Chip Morgan, Treasurer for the Vermont Beef Producer’s Association.

This system of land timeshare relief can do for Vermont AG and the entire Vermont economy what it has done to help the Laplatte River Angus farm flourish into what it is today. The Kleptz family has even gone on to win the sustainable farm of the Year Award from the Vermont Sustainable Agriculture Council in 2007

This creative land timeshare gives relief to Vermont AG. The new technique provides higher quality grazing lands and year round yields. To learn more check out timeshare relief in Vermont Agency of Agriculture Report. Find out about land timeshare relief in Vermont AG right now.

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