Insecticides – A Boon to The Agriculture And Floriculture

Everyone is aware of the use of insecticides not only at home but also in the offices, factories and industries etc. There are many kinds of insecticides being used in our daily life. Particularly, India is the home to the business of insecticidal, germicidal due to the presence of the mosquitos, flies, cockroaches and wasps etc. These killer insects can be extremely noxious and venomous to the human being. The soft poison for the pest can save the human being to a great extent. The invention of the killing agents for the bugs can be called as a boon to the human being. The manufacturing industries have created a lot wealth by dealing in vermicides and germicides etc. The trades, distribution and exports have redoubled due to the improvement in science and technology. The people who have been dealing in agriculture and floriculture have developed their business by leaps and bounds.

There are many popular industries those are involved with manufacturing of the insecticidal with successful turnover. The products like All out, Mortien, Good night are the household name and almost everyone is aware of the products and its effectiveness. These products are the part and parcel of our life as it saves us from many diseases such as; malaria, dengue and elephantiasis etc. So, we need to be extremely careful while staying at homes, offices or working places. The mosquitos are more life threatening than the other insects as it kills the people within a short span of time. The malaria patients suffer severely from the illnesses relating to spleen. The dengue fever is called break bone fever as well since it affects severely to the several parts of the body.

* The manufacturing of Insecticidal – There are many kinds of insects in the world. Some are parasitic to the human being. Some are dependent on the foods, grains and agriculture etc. However, during the 20th century the world has been extremely cautious so far as agricultural pests are concerned. Due to the presence of pesticides in the market the farmers have been capable of procuring maximum quantity of crops. If there were not insecticides, there would not have been possible to fulfil the food requirement of the people owing to the growing number of population in the world.

As a rule, we are able to create more food products and flowers due to the invention of the fertilizers, agricultural hormones and pesticides etc. India and China used to be dependent on the agricultural products. However, the previous scenario has changed to a great extent. Both the countries have developed by leaps and bounds in the field of agriculture and information technology. The insecticide manufacturers have pocketed the fortunes in the business of pesticides. The business of pesticides has developed a lot due to economic growth, communication and easiness in transportation. There are many different sorts of products similar to insecticide such as; bactericide, vermicides and fungicides where the distributors, exporters and importers have their heyday in making the wallet thick. It is extremely important to keep the pesticides and other venomous substances out of the children which are used for the killing of pests at home as well as agricultural fields. Sometimes odour of the pesticide can be harmful and allergic. It should always be kept at bay and clandestine from the people.

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