Indian Suppliers: An Overview

Since the ancient era India is considered to be the most valuable source of wide ranges of products and items used to get supplied in different neighboring countries. The tradition is still continuing even now, in the era of advancement and globalization. Indian suppliers are in great demand for their products and services in the market all over the world. The wholesale trade is now a global enterprise. The Indian business and economy has carved a niche in the global market and retain a good import export rapport with the countries all over the world.

Suppliers in India have products and services ranges from paper, polymers, chemicals, seafood, garments, leather, home furnishings and handicrafts in store to offer their customers worldwide. A supplier should have some potential such as judging requirements and demands of the customers, getting updated with the latest market research, maintain an excellent customer database as well as customer relationship, having excellent communication skill to taste the success in the business and the good thing is that the most suppliers in India have these potentials. There are a few major products and services on which the Indian suppliers mainly bank on. These are as follows:

Agriculture: Agriculture is the base of Indian economy since the earlier age. It holds the top position in the suppliers list. Indian agriculture stock and a number of items such as tea, tobacco, wheat, rice, sugar, and spices are quite appreciated in the market worldwide.

Garment: Garment and apparel industry comes next to agriculture. Apparels made of cotton, silk are quite high in demand in global market. The textile industry makes around 30% of total export in India.

Home furnishing and handicraft: A number of countries are quite fond of the home furnishings and the handicrafts that are made in India. Items like antique jewelry, fabrics, beads, candle holders, carpets, hand loom and many more cater extensively to the global market to meet the demand of the customers.

With the advancement of technology and internet it has now become easier for the Indian suppliers to keep a track of the global market and maintain a huge customer database. Today, a ‘business Directory’ is the one stop solution for the suppliers. One such directory in for the Indian suppliers is Indian Yellow Pages where one can find list of companies with their products and services. It is a gold mine for the suppliers both new and veteran in the business. Through these directories one can reach their targeted customers easily. First the supplier has to enlist his or her name in the directory with the products and services he or she is offering to get noticed by the others. It is probably the greatest facility provided by the internet and technology towards the development of the Indian economy.

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