Hydrogen peroxide benefits in farming

Hydrogen Peroxide Uses in Agriculture In recent times, many new agricultural functions for hydrogen peroxide emerged, from aquaculture to animal husbandry in addition to in fighting certain plant pathogens and improving harvest yields.

Bettering your crops
Research workers believe plants need oxygen to live, just as much if not more so than people do. The quantity of oxygen vegetation need must be over 20% or they won’t survive.
Plant health and vigor heavily depend on the roots getting enough oxygen, since the roots of a plant need oxygen to convert carbohydrates to energy. Because of this, vegetation are only able to produce fruit or vegetables in proportion to root growth of the plant.

Root Zone Aeration
A quick and easy method to increase oxygen to the root zone is usually to aerate the nutrient solution within the reservoir.
Including H2O2 is a terrific way to oxygenate nutrient options in reservoirs. An extra oxygen hydrogen atom is created when water is added to H2O2.
The compounds then become very unstable and the additional 02 molecule separates leaving a heightened level of water and oxygen within the reservoir.

Livestock and Poultry Uses of H2O2

In many areas of the US farmers are utilising hydrogen peroxide in specialized drinking water delivery systems for livestock and poultry, resulting in decrease incidences of illness, increased milk and egg production and significantly eliminating the necessity of antibiotics in animal stock.

Healing Damaged and Diseased Crops with Hydrogen Peroxide

Another development in H2O2 use in agriculture is within the fields themselves. Farmers have already been trying out utilizing hydrogen peroxide foliar sprays on crops to cut back fungal illnesses to improve crop viability in the early stages of plant growth.

In a single particular case, a farmer whose corn crop was destroyed by hailstones sprayed a hydrogen peroxide foliar spray on the broken plants rather than replant as all the encircling farmers had, and experienced total recovery of the crop within several weeks without any replanting.

Additionally, lately work has been done to identify the efficacy of hydrogen peroxide in fighting the fungus which attacks banana trees. Of these applications, hydrogen peroxide and some sort of molasses are sprayed found on the underside of the banana tree leaves so as to apply the peroxide directly to the affected areas of the plants. This work is ongoing in places like the Philippine Islands, as well as other tropical banana growing areas worldwide.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Poultry

In the area of poultry well being it is noted that the famous “bird man of Alcatraz” was using hydrogen peroxide to attain his ‘miraculous’ healing of sick and injured birds. Many poultry farmers are discovering the advantage of adding little amounts of hydrogen peroxide to the watering systems for their birds.

Framers who have provided poultry flocks with hydrogen peroxide in consuming water in specialised delivery systems which carefully regulate the amount of peroxide in the water have described lowered incidence of in-flock predation (pecking dysfunction), healthier birds and increased egg production in laying hens.

The good news is that there’s a new product available on the market – a improved slow release food grade hydrogen peroxide – to find out more please consider looking at – that will make you use half as much hydrogen peroxide and provides you 5 times as much oxygen to the plant.

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