How sparkling iPhone applications can elevate the productivity of farmers?

iPhone Applications services has leveraged a plethora of sectors with its amazing perks. There is rarely any sector, where there are no efforts made by mobile applications. Even the agriculture sector has gained a lot of leverages with iPhone applications. These applications are so easy to use that even a farmer can use them to get assistance of any type associated with the agriculture needs and other services.

There might be some farmers or professionals associated with agriculture that might have not aware of the tips and tricks that can improve their productivity. So, for them we have rolled out a few mobile applications that are worth downloading and have been approved by developers.

Mobile apps elevating agriculture productivity:

Apache on the Go:
This is a mobile app that has been launched by Equipment Technologies that enables the users to explore all the features and the benefits of Apache Sprayer along with a virtual 360 walk along with detailed specs as well as photo and videos on every Apache sprayer model.

This is a cloud-based desktop and mobile app that aids the file management along with the communications to and from the field by connecting people. This has been launched by AgIntegrated, which is a program that aids the user to access the equipment telematics systems directly. It will also build a network of connections in order to send and share all the files with other colleagues and identifying the connections on the desktop and smartphone.

This app can be deemed a suite of open-source web and mobile applications for all the small scale fisheries. This app has been developed at the University if West Indies that compromises a virtual marketplace app and will also display the market prices by open data. There is also one more “Got Fish Need Fish” which is an amazing application that connects all the agents within the fisheries chain. This iPhone App Development will also include all the navigational tools such as GPS logging and compass along with retrieval application. There are also training companions including abbreviated emergency lessons from the courses delivered by Caribbean Fisheries Training Institute.

To The Shelf:
This is an amazing mobile app introduced by Agrotypos SA links to the traders and growers and vice versa as well. The app is also intended to develop a global network of all the agricultural products of buyers and sellers. Cooperatives, farmers, brokers, wholesalers, industry, importers, retailers and there are many people associated with animal and plants products can also download it. They can seek different customers along with customer partners as well. The app can be availed from any part of the world in two different languages; Greek and English.

agSeed Select:
This app is the first attempt of Monsanto and a highly skilled iOS App Developer exclusively for the seed brands such as Asgrow, Deltapine and DEKALB. The app allows the users to craft, store, email and print the custom seed guide customized as per their geography and crops. There are various featuring videos as well and the app has the capability of providing the detailed information of all the products associated with soyabeans, corn, crops and cotton.

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