Hong Kong Investors Turn More in to Alternatives for Safer Portfolios

Alternatives have been receiving greater attention in recent months from Hong Kong investors, who seem to be increasingly eyeing such investments for their low correlation with traditional asset classes, such as bonds and equities. Industry surveys carried out over the past year have pointed to an increasing preference for alternatives, especially in an environment of low interest rates.

Generally, the investors use alternatives for a wide range of reasons, ranging from risk reduction to return enhancement; but improved diversification is also a main reason to choose for alternatives among Hong Kong investors. Investors are looking for unique, opportunistic and differentiated offerings; and the troubled energy sector is one of the more opportunistic plays with wise investors.

Alternative options in the high tech agriculture are of increasing in interest due to its risk free nature; citing the increase of middle class in the Hong Kong; the ever increasing scarcity of tillable land; the potential for inflation, the need for bio fuels, and the increasing prices of food across the world make the asset class important for investors. Terravida Investments, Hong Kong offers investors such an opportunity to participate in sustainable food production of the world by investing in high tech agriculture in many ways.

The agricultural investments require higher initial expense from the side of investor; it requires comparatively higher expense to set up the facilities and growing atmosphere, which in turn brings good returns within a very short period. What if you aren’t an accredited investor, or don’t have enough time and to invest your hard earned money directly in to the modern farming; there are many alternative asset investment management firms which help you to choose exchange-traded funds or mutual funds.

There are many financial institutions in Hong Kong offering investment options in high tech agriculture funds. The interest is increasing mainly due to the increase of middle class in the region; the ever increasing scarcity of tillable land and the potential for inflation and the need for bio fuels. The increasing food prices across the world also a certain reason to attract more investors to this particular asset class.

Terravida Group Is dedicated to bring you its best alternative assets investment management of agriculture & food security. The barren land now endowed with terravida group technique and it makes possible for rearing livestock middle east.

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