Five Industries Sexy Sugar Daddies Come From

If you want to find the best sugar daddy, it is not all about simply dating rich men. The best sugar daddies will come with fringe benefits. Some daddies work in industries that allow them perks that they can share with their sugar babies. Here is a look at five industries that sugar babies should consider selecting their daddies from.

5. Agriculture
This may seem like a strange industry in which to look for a sugar daddy, but finding one who works in agriculture has tremendous upside. A sugar daddy who works in agriculture will be very generous with his baby.

4. Hospitality
There are many perks to finding a sugar daddy in the hospitality industry. Daddies who work in hotels will be able to take their babes on trips to stay in lavish hotel suites all over the world. It also pays to search for daddy who owns or manages a spa. He will be able to arrange free spa treatments for his baby that will help her look her best. Restaurant and club managers are also valuable to date. They can get their girls into exclusive clubs that are the hottest in town.

3. Fashion Industry
Any sugar daddy who works in the fashion industry will be able to spoil his sugar baby in the way that matters most. He will be able to shower her with the most amazing clothes from designers. Many times a sugar baby can find a man in the fashion industry who will let her wear clothes from the hottest designers before they hit the stores. That is the kind of perk that money just can’t buy.

2. IT
Many women may consider the IT industry one to stay away from when looking for a sugar daddy. That is a real shame. The industry is known for having geekier guys who work in it, but that is exactly the point. These geeky guys are very nice and generous, willing to shell out significant portions of their large salaries on their sugar babies.

1. Aerospace
Pilots, airplane salesman and aircraft company managers are all example of aerospace workers that make excellent sugar daddies. They not only make a lot of money, but they also have access to their own jets that they can use to take their sugar babies on romantic getaways. There is nothing more enjoyable than having a daddy who can whisk his baby across the country in his own private jet.

Sugar babies, have you dated daddies from our top 5 sexy industries? Or have you found sugar daddies from other industries to be the best?

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