Environmental audit as an integral part of modern economic development of Uzbekistan

Hardly anyone could able to challenge the idea that the relationship of society and nature over the past 3 centuries, became a real problem of human survival. Uncontrolled industrial and increasing pressure on the natural environment is increasingly facing modern civilization with the “opposite effect” – ignoring the laws of nature leads to uncontrollable economic collapse and as a result – a global social upheaval.
Presto, and the political and economic irresponsibility has been transformed into a deep ecological crisis and the issue of nature conservation has become identical for future salvation in our civilization.
To date, on opinion of leading environmental experts, on a level with the political and economic aspects, environmental aspects of any human society life should be considered.

Until recently, few people would doubt that the market economy is based solely on the material interests of its members. However, in modern conditions for strengthening and expanding the environmental problems, the market is aimed at good housekeeping and combine business with questions of their ecology. According to representatives of big business, “green image” it is the commercial component, indicating the adequacy of the company in the reasonable planning of “the future.” Most companies have begun to realize that the policy of environmentally sound approach to business has the most effective method of investing.

From this perspective, it is important to “set up” an effective relationship between the regulators and business establishment of the economic levers of environmental regulation as a balanced mechanism of relations among business entities and with the regulatory authorities.

As practice shows, as a reliable link in these relationships, an environmental audit (EA) can be considered – a tool that includes the organizational and economic principles of environmental protection and setting standards for the environment.

From the standpoint of the requirements imposed, features programming and methods of their implementation, the EA can be described as a business activity for the independent survey at all aspects of a business entity of any form to put a value of its direct or indirect impact on the environment. This activity aims to:

 alignment of the activities of the audited companies for conservation with the requirements of laws and regulations,
 optimizing the use of natural resources,
 reduction and streamlining of energy consumption,
 reduction of waste output, preventing accidental exposure (discharges, emissions) and their technological consequences.

As a rule, the attention of eco-auditor focuses on:

* Compliance of environmental and production activity of the enterprise to adopted in the country laws and regulations;
* Assess of the impact of the audited enterprise on the environment, staff health, the ecological situation in the region, data on the presence and magnitude of emissions (discharges) of pollutants, the production of which is restricted or prohibited by the international obligations of the state;
* Assess of the potential danger of the audited enterprise in case of emergency, the effectiveness of the work plan developed to eliminate hotbeds of accident, the availability of the necessary material and technical devices;
* Professional training of enterprise of environmental services employees, the availability of modern means for monitoring of critical indicators of pollution;
* Awareness of managers and staff about the volume and features of the pollution of their production activities, the steps taken for material and moral incentives for reducing pollution and energy and material products.
* Setting priorities when planning the environmental activities of the enterprise, identifying additional opportunities for its implementation.

Today in Uzbekistan more than 15 companies offer high-quality environmental audit.

One of the key players in the market for EA services is LLC True Engineering Supervision Ltd (TES), which for the past few years, sets the tone and keeps the high level of quality services. The classic academic education specialists, experience accumulated over many years, continuous efforts on improving the professional level of employees lets company experts be at the forefront of EA services and cover areas such as civil engineering, oil extraction and processing, water and sanitation, agriculture and irrigation, communications and utilities and others.

The undeniable advantage of TES over its competitors is the fact that, along with at EA services, the company has positioned itself as a supplier of high-quality technical supervision and construction expertise, which are based on a comprehensive implementation of investment projects on construction of objects of industrial and commercial property, the application of innovative technologies, construction investment projects quality management on the basis of international best practices.

All specialists of True Engineering Supervision Ltd are high class professionals and their qualification is constantly increasing, both theoretically and practically. TES experts well aware, and skillfully use in their practice the rules and regulations of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), Building Codes and Regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan (KMK and SHNK), Republic Uzbekistan Standards (RST Uz, GOST) and other regulatory acts in construction area.

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