Electrical Controls Design Engineer

The degree of development a nation is measured by its per capital consumption of electrical energy. Electricity generation, transmission and distribution are prime concerns of all developing and rapidly industrializing countries. According to some estimates, nearly 80 % of generated power is used for driving machines, motors, electrical drives and power electronics.

Design engineering and electrical controls, although seemingly diverse bodies of knowledge go hand in hand for professionals employed in industries that deal with the production and utilization of power on a mass scale.

Eligibility Criteria

A degree in Electrical Design Engineering, BSEE or equivalent degree from any college or school would be a qualifying factor for an electrical controls design engineer. In addition, the ability to adeptly motor and control hardware, mechanical packaging, motor drive control and equipment applications is essential.

The expectations of an electrical controls design engineer would also depend on the industry he or she is employed in. For instance, in the case of the agriculture industry, a BSEE degree with experience in agriculture or similar industry is called for. Skills like ability to work with electrical components and an analysis of system design and development are needed.

Some other electrical related abilities like modeling and simulating electric motor drive systems and selecting components according to the size and configuration are also included in the selection criteria.

Exposure to the electrical and engineering fields can be invaluable skills in nearly all fields of production and maintenance. The added ability of designing systems can be the key to new inventions.

Job Description

Electrical controls design engineers require a high level of analytical ability to solve the unusual problems that can arise during their jobs. As the job usually involves working in coordination with other engineers, good team spirit and interpersonal relations is needed.

Other critical criteria include knowledge of product design and automotives, familiarity with basic machine types, high proficiency in reading and interpreting engineering drawings using the knowledge of advanced engineering methods, tools and procedures, testing, manufacturing and assembling.

Electrical control design engineers also help manufacturing electrical equipment like machinery controls, electric motors, lighting and wiring in automobiles and buildings, aircraft radar and navigation systems, power generating, transmission and controlling used by electric utilities.

Electrical control design engineers can specialize in different fields such as mechanical, electrical, electronic biomedical, automotive and civil engineering. The projects undertaken are quite interesting and can range from redesigning to maintenance of automotives.

Compared to the other heavy equipment jobs, an engineer specializing in electrical control and design has a less strenuous job. Electrical controls design engineer jobs account for nearly 35% of the total engineering opportunities available. There are job options in nearly every heavy equipment and construction company and the flexibility of the job allows one to relocate quite easily.

The Future

The future for electrical controls design engineers seems bright though it also depends to a very large extent on their personal experience and knowledge. One tip for succeeding in this career is to customize the approach according to each client needs, accommodate unforeseen complications and adjust to the changing demands of the industry. Talented engineers in this field are much sought after as they can help save time and money by creating designs of easy to use automobiles and equipments.

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