Department of agriculture to nansha fishermen to make safety training foreign risk control

Department of agriculture nanhai fishery bureau that in order to speed up the peace and development of the nansha islands fishery resources, protection of the lawful rights and interests of the ministry of agriculture, fishermen in the perennial special organization to nansha islands in China for foreign assignments fishermen safety training.

Located in the southern islands in the south China sea area is about 820000 square kilometers, fishery resources are rich, since the ancient times has been our sacred territory and our fishermen generation of traditional fishing operations. According to preliminary investigation, this area is about 1.8 million tons of fishery resources, years to catch quantity about 50-600000 tons, rare and economic value higher fish have 20 DuoZhong.

Department of agriculture nanhai fishery bureau fishery everywhere CengXiaoGuang long nansha said, in view of the current nansha islands foreign risk increases the posture of the fishery, to avoid or reduce the foreign affairs, our country to protect the lawful rights and interests of the nansha homework fishermen, ensure the healthy and steady development of the fishery administrative bureau jointly with the ministry of agriculture, nanhai city, guangdong province flow of Hong Kong and Macao affairs office of the fishermen, and other units, launched a special organization to nansha homework for foreign security training of fishermen.

According to introducing, to participate in training the have the city and county, guangdong province flow management companies for Hong Kong and Macao fishermen, to the production of the fishing boats and main position crew, owner of 150 DuoRen. The officials said, to attend training fruitful, and further the nansha sovereignty disputes and fisheries current situation of foreign, and enhance the understanding foreign risk prevention and coping, to ensure the safety and stability of the nansha fishery production development which has played a positive role.

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