Colby Community College – Horse Production Management Degree

Colby Community College is located in Colby Kansas and is a two year public community college that offers a number of different associate’s degrees in a wide variety of different fields of study. One of the degrees that are offered is an Associate’s in Applied Science Degree in Horse Production Management. This degree is designed for students who want to pursue a career in the horse production field, or any other career that is related to the equine industry. The program involves both classroom and hands on studies that are aimed at providing students with the knowledge and skills that they will need to be successful in the equine industry.

Students are required to take several general education courses along with the more advanced and specific equine related courses. The general education classes that all students are required to have are:

· Oral Communications

· General Education Courses

· Physical Education

Students will also take the equine courses concurrently with the basic education courses. Some of the equine and agriculture courses that students have the option of taking include:

· Agriculture Orientation – This course will provide students with a brief history of the development of American Agriculture with emphasis being place on career opportunities for graduates in agriculture related fields.

· Principle of Livestock Nutrition – Students will learn how to properly feed livestock, including horses. Some of the topics that are covered are the origin, chemistry and value of different feeds; nutritional requirements; and the theory of practical economy for the maintenance and growth of animals.

· Equine Management Technology – This course provides students with a good overview of the equine industry because it provides students with on the job training in various phases of the horse production area. Students will also have the opportunity to become involved with management operations and different management skills.

· Horse Production – Students will study the selection, breeding, reproduction, nutrition, and other management practices that are involved with the day to day operations of any horse production facility.

· Equine Reproduction – This course is only available to students who have obtained permission from the instructors. This class will teach students the reproductive processes and management techniques that are required to collect semen, artificially inseminate, manage mares and stallions, and current research methods.

· Applied Equine Performance Physiology – This course is a combination of presentations and applications of theories of performance physiology. Students will be given the opportunity to learn different concepts and then apply each new concept in a hands on laboratory setting. Students will have to collect, analyze, and present data that was collected during a variety of different equine performance activities. All of this information is then applied to developing protocols for specific performance activities of interest to the students.

There are also a number of elective courses that are not required, but are available to enhance a student’s current degree options. Some of these classes are:

· Computer Farm Records

· Cash Flow Seminar

· Grain Grading and Handling

· Kansas Ground Water Management

· Introduction to Microcomputers in Agriculture

· Animal Breeding

· Producer Marketing System

· Ag Meteorology

The college also has several different stallions that they stand to the public and use for their breeding programs.

Besides the courses that are offered, students can also participate in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. The IHSA promotes competition for riders of all skill levels and provides riders the opportunity to compete at shows, without having to own a horse, where they can even qualify to compete at the national show. Emphasis is placed on learning, sportsmanship, and fun.

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