Boundary Disputes: Get Assistance From UK Agricultural Solicitors

UK Agricultural Solicitors are just what farmers need in order to understand matters involving laws pertaining to business and agriculture. The team will be able to facilitate any processes regarding disposal of land, land laws and family business. Working with these qualified people will see your business and your family flourish. If you want to get involved in the business of farming, then they should be your first port of call.

Lawyers that deal with this type of law can assist with specialist needs that are relatively complex. They have relationships with professionals in other sectors, such as land agents and council members.

The services they provide include purchases and sales of properties, tenancies, registrations of titles, contract farming, grazing licenses, business structures, planning advice, telecom leases, boundary disputes, removal of trespassers, private and public rights of way as well as residential tenancies. Most firms have departments that deal with specific aspects of the agricultural law.

Some of these specialist solicitor firms also deal with landowner and farmer taxes, inheritance taxes, trusts and more. They may be able to advise on separation agreements, divorce and pre-nuptial agreements as well as family disputes.

In compliance with regulation, you will be advised on how to audit your business. This is a cumbersome task, which the attorneys are qualified to deal in. Should you be prosecuted by the police, the environmental agency, the DEFRA the HSE they will be able to represent you. Litigation lawyers will handle all your commercial and partnership disputes. Mediation and or alternative dispute resolutions will be made available to you.

Domestic and EU legislation has changed much over the last while and this has influenced Common agricultural Policy to a large degree. Many issues fall within the responsibility of the CAP. Some of them are animal welfare, employment issues, subsidy reforms and pesticide regulations. BTB (bovine tuberculosis), avian flu, bluetongue and mad cow disease have also taken their toll on the farming industry. UK Agricultural Solicitors such as Lanyon Bowdler Solicitors are able to assist in all of these matters and more so, you can get on with the business of farming.

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