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India is a large country with a bountiful land that tries to meet and sustain the needs and demand of its humongous population. Sometimes, the supply of some commodities falls short, while at other times, some are available in over abundance. In such cases, we either import or export various goods. Commodities Export and Import has become a huge market in India, and Agrocrops is one of the largest Agriculture Commodities Exporter in the country. With a market spread in countries like Canada, Turkey, Thailand, China, Ukraine, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Italy and Greece, Agrocrops Exim Ltd. have become the shining beacon offering the best of India to the world.

Agrocrops Ltd. deals with 13 commodities, and a total of 34 varieties of these commodities. Our Commodities Export is divided into 6 major divisions: Groundnut Division, Sesame Seeds Division, Oil Division, Feeds Division, Spices Division and Other-Products Division. Sourcing the highest quality of commodities from all over the country, we are in the business of exporting them to the various countries. The Groundnut Division offers three types of products: Groundnut Shells & kernels, Blanched Groundnut and Peanut Butter. Under the division of Sesame Seeds, we have Natural/hulled Sesame Seeds. In the Oil Division, we have Groundnut Oil, Castor Oil and Sesame Oil. Under the banner of Feeds Division, we have Yellow Maize and Oilseed meal. Under the category of Spices division, we offer: Red Dry Chillies, Turmeric, Spices Powder, Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Fenugreek seeds, Dill seeds and Oleoresins. Whereas in the Other Products division, we have Fresh Onion, Guar Split, Guar Gums, Chickpeas and raisins. With such a wide variety of products, we are indeed the most remarkable Commodity Exporters in India.

We have an experience of over 45 years in the domain of Agriculture and International Trading. Our acumen in this domain is such that, competitors are finding it hard to beat us. We use the 6 Sigma Methodology (based on Kaizen methodology), meaning that our products are, statistically, 99.99966% of time free from defects. We are a recognized 2 Star trading house, with an approximate 18% and 26% share of the import market of Indonesia and Philippines. We are certified with ISO 22000, which deals with food safety, stringently following the HACCP principles. We have been awarded with APEDA, from the Ministry of Commerce for being the largest Exporter of Groundnut in India, in the year 2009-2010. With so many accolades to our name, you can clearly understand why we are the leading Agriculture Commodity Exporters in the country.

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