All About The Use And Benefits Of Environmental Friendly Biochar

Agriculture is a vocation, which has always been a very important part of the human world. This is because without natural plant products like vegetables, fruits, and grains, we cannot survive. In case, you are engaged in agricultural activities then you can certainly understand the importance of these plant products. However, agriculture is losing its importance in many countries due to rapid industrialization. The market demand of grains, vegetables and fruits in many countries is increasing, while the supply is relatively lesser.

If you are engaged in farming and agricultural activities then you can certainly earn big profits with new age farming techniques and products. In early times, the farmers did not use fertilizers and pesticides, which resulted into lower crop production. However, as time changed pesticides and fertilizers were invented to boost crop production. Pesticides are used for protecting crops from pests, while fertilizers are used for making sure that the crop is getting appropriate amount of nutrition for growth. The use of fertilizers is quite essential for cultivating a healthy crop. This product aids in improving soil quality and helps in providing nutrition to plants for healthy growth. However, chemical laden fertilizers are not as good as the companies, who manufacture them claim. If you are still using chemical fertilizers then it is suggested to go for natural ones like Biochar. These natural fertilizers are quite effective and are much better than the chemical counterparts available in market.

Biochar is produced by carbonization of biomass and is a type of charcoal. It is believed that it was first invented by Pre-Columbian Amazonians. It is said that Pre-Columbian Amazonians produced Biochar by smoldering agricultural waste in huge pits or trenches. It was also used by Europeans in early times, who gave it the name terra preta de Indio. This substance is basically used for improving the quality of soil for agricultural purpose. As time passed, Biochar became quite popular in agriculture world and it is considered to be the best alternative to chemical fertilizers.

The stability of biochar in soil is better in comparison to the un-charred organic matter, which is often used as a fertilizer. Biochar also retains nitrogen, which makes it environment friendly and safe to use. This is because it does not emit nitrous oxide, which is a toxic greenhouse gas. Even the manufacturing process of this fertilizer is beneficial for environment. The agricultural waste is converted into biochar, which helps in reducing methane gas emission. Methane is another toxic greenhouse gas, which is produced due to natural decomposition of agricultural waste.

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