All About The Benefits And Application Of Biochar In The Field Of Agriculture.

Biochar is a type of charcoal, which is produced by carbonization of biomass. It is believed that this substance was first produced and used by Pre-Columbian Amazonians. It is said that they produced this substance by smoldering the agricultural waste in trenches or pits. This substance was further used by Europeans, who called it terra preta de Indio. This substance was basically manufactured for improving the quality of soil for agricultural purpose. As time passed, this fertilizer became quite popular in the agriculture world.

Researchers have found out that the stability of biochar in soil is better than that of un-charred organic matter, which are used as a fertilizer. This material also retains nitrogen, which makes it eco-friendly because it does not emit nitrous oxide, which is a potent greenhouse gas. Even the manufacturing of this fertilizer is quite beneficial for environment because turning agricultural waste into this substance reduces methane emission, which is another potent greenhouse gas generated by natural decomposition of agricultural waste. Following are few more factors that make biochar a useful and eco-friendly product:

* This substance is not only good for soil of an area but is also good for the water in the nearby natural water resources. Biochar can immensely help in improving water quality by retaining nutrients and agrochemicals in soils for the plant crops, which aids in reducing water pollution.

* As a soil quality enhancer, biochar helps in making soil more fertile and also helps in preserving cropland diversity. It also reduces the need of chemicals fertilizers in agricultural work.

* By converting agricultural waste into a potent soil quality enhancer like biochar, we can discourage deforestation and preserve cropland diversity, which is good for our eco-system.

* Waste management has always been a big issue in the field of agriculture. Biochar has immensely helped in solving this issue.

In case, you are engaged in agricultural activities then you should invest on this soil quality enhancer. If you do not want to produce this product then you can contact biochar manufacturers for your requirement. This product is eco-friendly yet is quite good for plant crops and you should invest on it for attaining a healthy crop every year. You can easily find biochar products for sale in shops, from where you get your agricultural supply. However, if you are not able to find this product in physical shops then you can buy it online. There are many online shopping websites, who offer this agricultural product and you will not have any trouble in finding one online.

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