Agro Chemicals: Importance and Uses

Modern agriculture largely depends on four major factors: fertilizers, water, pesticides and seeds. Unfortunately, 35-45 % (approximately) of the production is lost due to weeds, diseases and insects while 35% of the produces are lost in storage. To reduce these numbers, fertilizers companies in India promote the use of agro-chemicals on the yield as well as the soil.

Important applications and uses of agro- chemicals:


The term “pesticide” describes a variety of agro-chemicals intended to control or destroy pests of all types. For instance, insecticides are utilized against insects, fungicides are used against fungi, herbicides help deal with weed plants, and rodenticides fight against rodents.

Commodity chemicals

These are chemicals that are intended for use in agriculture as well as other industries. They may contain industrial waste and by-products of an industrial process. The substances are normally used in farming and have a very corrosive action on the exposed areas of human skin.

On-farm veterinary products

These products are used for rearing animals. They can be administered on the skin, or used orally or by injection.


In essence, these are trace elements and plant nutrients applied normally to the soil to stimulate crop growth. Few of them may cause bums or irritation to the skin.


These agro-chemicals are utilized for preserving agricultural products either in processed or fresh forms.

Several agrichemicals are considered toxic, and in bulk storage can pose serious health and/or environmental risks, especially in case of accidental spills. In several countries, usage of agrochemicals is regulated. Users require government-issued permits for using and buying these chemicals. Huge penalties may result from improper use, including careless storage that leads to spillage. On farmlands, proper labeling and storage facilities, emergency clean-up procedures and equipment, safety equipment and procedures for application, handling, and disposal are subject to obligatory regulations and standards.

The agro chemical industry of India is believed to be among the oldest contributors towards the betterment of agriculture. At present, the annual growth rate of this industry is more than twelve percent. The experience and quality of goods makes it a good choice for those looking to buy agro-chemical products for their farms and gardens. However, it is important for users to choose a manufacturer wisely. One of the best ways to find out about genuine agro chemicals suppliers is to search online. The internet offers plethora of options for buyers to shortlist and choose from.

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