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Mankind’s oldest occupation has been farming or agriculture. For ages, generations upon generations of people have been growing crops for domestic & commercial purposes. Over the ages, newer and modern occupations have evolved, however agriculture or farming has always remained the most important and noblest of professions as it is the one that feeds the population of nations.

My family has been into farming from the time my ancestors moved in. I developed a liking for agriculture during my childhood all thanks to my parents. We had a decent farmland and wheat was one of the main produces. We also grew vegetables in our backyard. My parents had taken over the mantle of tutoring me in the art of agriculture. I was an eager student and always had questions regarding the soil, weather, water & pests and they would answer every question patiently. The biggest highlight would be the grand family get-together after harvesting the crops. This was the day we enjoyed the benefits of putting in all the hard work and toil and we shared it with all our near and dear ones.

We have been successful for many years but lately we have been facing a lot of natural problems which has affected our produce badly. Two years ago we faced an acute shortage of water and the climate had warmed up so much that all our crops got destroyed. Last year it was the turn of the pests to attack and destroy our crops. Not wanting to take a chance this year, we were geared up to face the challenge of pests and water shortage. We had setup a rain harvesting system to boost our water supply and for pest control I had engaged the services of my friend who specialized in this particular field. He suggested some preventive measures to ensure that the insects kept away from the crops. He had a small airplane that would spray the special medicines from the air on to the crops. On the day, however, he could not get his airplane as it had developed a technical snag and we had to take care of the spraying manually. I agreed to join him along with my farmhands.

He provided me with a set of workwear with protective gear and gloves. We steadily covered the entire stretch of farmland and thoroughly enjoyed the work. The workwear was very comfortable and provided excellent protection and my friend informed me that he had it custom made from a workwear shop. My farmhands had also liked them and so I decided to order a set of workwear clothing for all of us working in the farms. It gave us a sense of uniformity in addition to the protection provided. We had a bumper crop this year thanks to all the protection and precautions taken by us.

My farmhands had also liked them and so I decided to order a set of workwear clothing for all of us working in the farms.

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