Agriculture Organic Fertilizer

Food is the essential thing for which everybody works but what if the food itself becomes the killer? Yes, non-natural fertilizers that are sprayed in agricultural lands can prove harmful in log runs. Many case studies have shown that using a chemical fertilizer for a long period damages the quality of the soil as well as the whole surrounding area. And consumption of crops grown using such chemical fertilizers has resulted in many new and untreatable diseases, deficiencies and disabilities. That is why Natural Organic Fertilizers are the need of this highly polluted world.

The worst part is that food products can never be judged from outside to ensure that whether they are grown with the use of Organic Fertilizers or chemical fertilizers. Therefore, the responsibility lies on the farmers or government to ensure that hazardous fertilizers are not used but rather Natural Organic Fertilizers should be used.

Well, Natural Organic Fertilizers or Agriculture Organic Fertilizers are of many types; of which first comes the name Manure, then Compost, Humic and Fluvic acid and then Peat. Below-mentioned is the brief description regarding these variants of Natural Organic Fertilizers:
* Manure – Manure is one of the most easily available Organic Fertilizers. Manure (the muck of animals) is full of nutrients, especially nitrogen, required by the plants for being green and healthy.
* Compost – Compost is another Natural Organic Fertilizer prepared from mixed organic wastes such as kitchen wastes, brown wastes, etc. Compost soil is very good for framing and can be easily prepared.
* Humic and Fluvic acid – Fluvic acid is extracted with the help of sodium hydroxide from organic materials and Humic acid is formed along the process of extraction. Both the acids are hugely beneficial for farming as they unblock minerals, activate microbial formations and fix nutrients.
* Peat – Peat is very helpful in keeping the roots of plants safe. Peat does that by not allowing water to get in when the soil is too wet and by retaining the moisture of the soil when it is dry.

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