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Indian Agriculture Machinery
Agriculture in India, the most excellent sector of the economy, is the resource of livelihood of almost two thirds of the workforce in the country. The contribution of agriculture and allied activities to India’s economic growth in recent years has been no less momentous than that of industry and services. “If agriculture survives, India survives”. Agricultural machinery and equipment have revolutionized the agricultural industry global. They help in increasing and improving the productivity content to a great level.
List of agricultural machinery and equipment are as follows

Tractor is a vehicle specifically designed to deliver a high tractive effort at slow speeds, for the purposes of hauling a trailer or machinery used in agriculture or construction. It is used specially as a farm vehicle. Agricultural implements may be towed behind or mounted on the tractor, and the tractor may also provide a source of power if the implement is mechanized.

Cultivator is a large farm machine used for cultivation. This farm implement is used for thrilling and pulverize the soil for planting, or for weed control or moisture conservation. It is also used in mixing compost and fertilizer into the soil.
This farm implement or machine is designed to destroy weeds with shallow roots and to break up surface soil near plants for aeration. Cultivator also eliminates habitat for mice, other rodents, insects, etc.

Garden Cultivators:
Garden Cultivators are used in maintaining gardens, though the smaller variant is used for this purpose. This motor powered machine is used to mix soils with manures and fertilizers in preparation for planting. It is controlled by an operator walking behind and also used in ploughing the soil.

Farm Cultivators:
In agriculture farms, tractor powered cultivators are used for soil’s stirring and pulverizing. They vary greatly in their size and shape, ranging from 10 feet (3 m) to the huge 80 feet (24 m). The large cultivators are equipped with hydraulic wings that fold up to makes road travel easier and safer.
Other machinery is as follows:
Oilseed Processing Machinery
Leveling Blade
Grain Drilling Machinery
Harvesting Machinery
Tractor Spares
Sowing and Planting Machinery
Hand Tools
Crop Processing Machinery
Crop Drying Machinery

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