Agriculture institute in India

Agriculture has played a pivotal role in determining the dynamics of Indian economy. It has been the backbone of the country and the main source of economy for large number of people residing in rural areas. It contributes around 25% of the GDP .In the present era of IT revolution, access to agriculture information has become vital for the development of the agriculture community. The agriculture Institutes are playing crucial role in imparting agriculture education.
Proper education system produces high quality human resources which can be efficiently utilized by the industries. The agriculture sector has been influenced by the industrialization process. Industrialized agriculture is the new concept that has come up with the agriculture institute being set up to meet the requirements of agriculture based industries.
Indians economy being agriculture based, agricultural business management or agri-business management is one of the most demanded specialised courses offered by the top agriculture institutes. Other programs offered by the top agriculture institutes are agriculture food business, agriculture business management, agriculture business and production, agriculture economics and many more.
Agriculture is one of the most lucrative streams that a student can opt for. There is a lot of wealth to be made in this sector if one is able to utilize the methods that are taught in the agriculture institutes. It’s not really a glamorous field like aviation, fashion designing, hospitality but it is equal or even more lucrative as compared to all those glamorous professions. More over agriculture industry is one of the booming industries which offer immense career growth & higher opportunities to build career.
In the last decade or so, there has been an exponential increase in the number of agri colleges which have been set up in the country. The best one at that is the Agriculture and Food Management Institute (AFMI) located in Mysore. It has built an envious placement record for its students by getting them employment with companies like Nestle, Parle Agro, L&T Finance, Reliance Industries, Amul, Brittania and Marico. Faculty which has got a varied experience of both industry as well as academia are serving the top positions here at AFMI and learning the subject nuances from them is an eye opening experience in itself. AFMI makes sure that all its students are well groomed and job ready weeks before the placement process begins through its exhaustive and thorough summer internship programs where the students learn how agriculture based firms manage their affairs on a day to day basis by getting involved in current projects in all verticals like Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resources and Information Technology.
All in all, agricultural courses are on an upswing and there is no better place than AFMI to learn and implement learning in agricultural studies so as to make a career in this booming field.

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