Agricultural Products Companies in India

If we talk about India’s economy, agriculture is an integral part. Though the share of agriculture towards GDP of the country has now fallen to around 28%, agriculture is still playing and expected to play a domineering role in the coming years. Agriculture industry employs almost two-thirds of Indian population. There are many reasons for sustained success of agriculture industry. Though the land area under agricultural production has decreased over the years, the productivity has increased manifold. Earlier, India was dependent on imported food grains for their daily needs. However after the green revolution, the dependence has been more or less completely eliminated. The agricultural production has improved so much over the years that India exports different agricultural products across the world. The resources have been very well utilized to increase the productivity. The country has now become self dependent as long as production of food grains is concerned.

There are many reasons for the increased productivity. There was need for focussed strategy which was successfully implemented. Earlier Indian farmers were using traditional methods for crop production which was totally outdated. The seeds which were being used were of low quality resulting in low yield. Irrigation systems were developed, high yielding variety seeds were introduced along with better fertilizers. There was geographical focus as high yielding areas were concentrated upon. A lot of production was being destroyed by insects. The use of insecticides and pesticides resulted in increasing the volume of the food grains as the crops were protected against different variety of pests. Many such agriculture friendly measures helped in exponential increase in crop production. Many government initiatives also helped in increasing the productivity as farmers were able to get loans on easy terms so that farmers were able to get the required agricultural equipments for increasing production. Many such similar initiatives have been taken by the government directly resulting in more production.

The current economic environment allows us to reach to different countries and export our products. India has always been agriculture intensive country and the increasing globalization can only help India in delivering high quality food commodities abroad. With the expansion in markets, proper resources can be allocated to boost production and gradually increase the share of agriculture in country’s GDP.

There are many agricultural products companies in India. Some of the well known names include ABT industries, Raasi seeds, DuPont India, National Agro industries, Rallis, Heinz etc. You can find more listings on

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