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Agriculture is the oldest profession in the civilization & so is the agribusiness. Years ago the agribusiness was not performed in the professional manners & it was dependent on the barter system. Farmers were procuring the grains from their marketable surplus and were using the same in the form of seed. There was no use of pesticides to save the crops from the insects and weeding was done manually. But now the scenario has completely changed and science is driving the agribusiness. There are too many opportunities in the Agri and allied sectors for the young professionals. New streams and opportunities are waiting for the energetic and out of box thinkers. The Agro industry is now vast and can be divided in major parts Agri input- Broadly the term “Agri input” is mainly used for the seed, fertilizers, & Pesticides. The Agriculture input industry is growing rapidly with the increasing demand of high quality inputs for the production. A huge part of the Agri graduates is working with this industry. This is the most attractive industry for the Agri graduates after the Govt Jobs. Some of the leading Agri input companies are IFFCO, Chambal, Bayer, BASF, Syngenta, Dupont etc. Agri Finance- After introduction of KCC scheme for the farmers by the GOI, Agri finance is a sparkling career option for the Agri graduates. Banks are visiting campus and hiring the graduates for their Agri portfolio management. After grant of the license to the new banks in 2015 this will be the most charming career option for the Agri graduates. Some of the leading banks in Agri hirings are SBI, BOB, HDFC, ICICI etc. Procurement- today there are many companies in the food business and all these companies need to procure grains, fruit and vegetable to prepare the food. The Agri graduates are the most suitable candidates to perform their procurement and thousand of the jobs are available with these companies in the procurement. Some of the leading companies in the procurement are ITC, Dabur, and Cargill etc. Warehousing- India produces tons of grains, fruit and vegetables everybody of us knows that a big pie of this goes waste in the lack of proper storage. Before 2005 there were only the state and central warehousing corporations to store the agro produces but in last 10 years there has been a significant investment in the warehousing. Today thousands of warehouses are being owned by these companies and they always look for talent to manage their day to day operations. Some of the leading companies are NBHC, NCMSL, Edelweiss, Star Agri etc. Farm Machinery- Mechanization has changed the face of Agriculture in the world. Todays the world is experimenting new and new implements in agriculture. Tractor is the main game changer in the Indian agriculture and still is in the high demand. Combines, Sprayers, harvesters, levelers, rotavetor are some of the implements which are being preferred by the farmers. The top companies in this sector like- Mahindra, TAFE, John Deere are hiring agri engineers to manage their business. All in all, if you are a Agri graduate be prepared to join the most charming Agribusiness. Best of Luck…

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