5 reasons to support organic in the 21st century!

Organic living is an option one chooses with the idea of living a healthy lifestyle and alongside supporting and protecting the environment from harmful toxins that are out there to deteriorate its ailing condition further. Supporting the organic way of life is the only way you can live a selfless life, giving your children the exuberant gift of good health and mother earth, her share of goodness.

1.) Cut down on the toxic load: Being considerate and buying organic food products promotes a less toxic environment for all living beings. Supporting organic agriculture does not only benefit your family but helps all families, the environment and animals live a less toxic life.

2.) Protect the environment for the future generations: Did you know that industrial agriculture or the conventional form of agriculture is responsible for polluting not only the farmland but also the farm workers and gradually the environment. Besides, studies show that infants are exposed to the numerous pollutants and harmful chemicals in the uterus of the mother itself. Would you want your children or grandchildren to be affected by your deeds? Hence, think again.

3.) Taste truer flavors: Scientists and other organic food product enthusiasts have long known that organic food often tastes better. Also, on the health front, studies have proved that organic produce is lower in nitrates and higher in antioxidants as compared to the regular conventional foods. So, what’s the wait for? Let the certified organic food feast begin!

4.) Avoid Chemicals entering your body: Genetically modified foods are laden with a host of chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and the list can go on. You should also be aware that in spite of washing these food products, there is a certain amount of chemicals that yet enter your system further leading to a number of health issues. Why risk it? Keep away from the conventional produce and switch to organic food products today. You can also buy organic food online to ease your worries.

5.) Celebrate the motive of agriculture: Food is a common link between any number of cultures, countries, religions, languages, and so on. Bring about a culture revolution by standing up for and spreading the awareness of the consuming organic food. Bid adieu to the chemical toxins and environmental harm and embrace the diversity and biodiversity of the concept of agriculture.

Be a role model and enable your kin and children to know about the REAL organic lifestyle. It’s time to take responsibility in your hands and live a life of selflessness not selfishness! Care for the environment and inculcate these values in your children as well. Make a difference!

Rakesh Verma is a Management Graduate & writes on Organic Food Suppliers and Organic Food Products.

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