4 Ways In Which Rural Development Programmes In Odisha Can Bring About Changes

The essence of a good life in the state of Odisha would mean access to comfortable lifestyle. Being a village dominant state, Odisha is considered as a good place to start rural development by introducing several programmes, which aim at providing these basic necessities to have a comfortable life. People in the rural areas are engaged in agricultural works, masonry, road construction, forestry and other activities related to land. These rural communities are finding it difficult to sustain life by the lack of sufficient land for agriculture and denuding forested lands. But still, to improve the lifestyle and condition of living of village people, lots of programs can be introduced, where the livelihood and health features are to be taken care of.

* Successfully introducing and maintaining ambitious programmes – Government of Odisha has brought about a number of incentives for the people of the state, especially those living in the rural communities. Some of these are new while many others have been running in some form of the other. Subsidies, tax benefits, easy licensing and vocational training are provided to the villagers to make sure that they are self sufficient, as a target of the rural development programmes in Odisha. So, bringing a change is possible if sufficient attention is provided to the people, through which they can get some advantage because of their being in village set up.

* Taking care of child, women and elderly health – Going by the age old adage of health is wealth, the programmes being introduced in rural set ups should deal with the health of the young and old in the villages. Many organisations are being given the freedom to work towards the health and well being of individuals, more stressfully on the health of women. Since this is one of the most neglected issues in the state as well as in the whole country, rural development programmes in Odisha have been introduced to safeguard the interests of the female child and the mother.

* Providing healthy approach in agriculture and living conditions – A sure shot approach in which the rural health in Odisha can be improved is the benefits provided to the people in terms of food and agriculture. There are quality seeds and sowing materials provided through agricultural programmes and food grains are given to them at subsidised rates. This will help the rural people and economically weaker sections to work out different strategies to lead a comfortable life, without worrying continuously about food and livelihood.

* Teaching and training in employable skills – Vocational training programmes are being provided to the rural youths in Odisha. This is being done through non-governmental organisations, government policies and independent social workers. After getting through the trainings, the youths are able to get engaged in different types of developmental work in their villages for which they do not have to leave their homes. Such arrangements are done to ensure that the villagers are not forced for exodus to the cities, where they struggle even more to make ends meet.

By introducing and successfully running rural development programmes in Odisha, the government is able to take care of the rural communities. There are goals across different aspects for which these programmes are introduced. Rural health in Odisha along with other economic and social causes is being given an impetus through such programmes, for which the participation of government, public and the masses is very important.

Franklin Porter is an activist and works for Rural Development Programmes in Odisha. He shared his views on Rural Health in Odisha. He highlighted the best solutions to boost the development process in the state.

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