BOSON Group manufactures Rubber Expansion Bellows

Even though rubber expansion bellows are manufactured under the strict guidance and design of BOSON Group, the company maintains an in-house designing team of qualified engineers and supervisors. BOSON Group utilizes their total technical competence for the manufacturing of rubber bellows so that the customers are benefited same way like steel and fabric Bellows which are being directly manufactured with our in house capacity and capability.

BOSON Rubber Bellows™ are manufactured from parent rubber based materials viz Natural Rubber, Elastomer coated synthetic rubber, Fluroplastics coated rubber bellows and these are the reasons for optimum flexibility. Sometimes a suitable reinforcement is done with steel wires and nylon threads depending upon the system requirements.

Especially in pipe systems where there is much more movements and vibration/noise, which are generated from connected equipment, BOSON Rubber Bellows are the correct solution.

Advantages of Boson Rubber Bellows—

  • Due to the Flexibility of the Rubber it can absorb very large movements even in a narrow space
  • Being rubber it can accommodate all three movements— Axial, Lateral and Angular
  • It can also minimizes water shock
  • It is basically maintenance free and at the same time safe and durable
  • This also prolongs the system durability
  • This is resistant to corrosion and chemicals
  • Pressure and flexibility can be optimized
  • Negative and Positive pressure proof
  • Axial misalignment can also be accommodated
  • It can also numb sound effects


Standard size varies from 50mm dia. to 3000 mm dia. Even more can be manufactured on request.


In addition to BOSON’s normal/ standard product design or selection, BOSON can also offer comprehensive solutions which are tailor made for specific system requirement of our clients.

Normal range of BOSON Rubber Expansion Bellows

BOSON has a very large range of variety of Rubber Expansion Bellows. This can be available to the customers under specific requirement.

Custom Based Solutions

Based on ‘In House’ technical competency Boson is capable to provide custom based solution to the customers within the wide variety of Rubber Expansion Bellows. Boson always accept the enterprising task and in a position to offer optimized solution which is cost effective for both economical and technical aspect.

Function of Tie Rods (Restraints) Of Rubber Expansion Bellows

When Pressure developed inside the Rubber bellows a reactive force is developed axially from the Rubber Bellow itself. If a rubber bellow is installed in the pipe line without any Tie Rods the movements are acting on the nearest fixed supports. This ultimately damages the flanges of the rubber bellows.

During the designing and installation if the tie rods are provided the system movements will be restricted by the tie rods.

Advantages of Tie Rods

The Rubber Expansion Bellow is prevented from any damage due to the excessive line pressure and movements.

  • All the pressure and movements will automatically passed on the guides and anchors
  • Tie Rods absorb all the movements like Angular, Lateral & Axial.

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